As a manufacturer of cables and ducts for the automotive and manufacturing industries, LECOY is more than ever a key stakeholder in the automotive aftermarket, as well as in industry. Growth in exports has not been left out, with our presence on the European, African and South American markets ...

LECOY has a workshop specifically devoted to manufacturing customized cables per model, either based on the drawings our customers provide, or on the cable itself.

We also have a "VINTAGE VEHICLES" catalogue at your disposal.


As a private limited company (SARL) founded by Mr. Maurice LECOY in Paris in November 1926, LECOY was a small cable manufacturer. Over the years, our company developed and expanded to become a major stakeholder in the cable and duct manufacturing industry.



Our sectors of activity: Automobiles, Vintage Vehicles, Construction, Camper-vans, Vans and Trailers for the Airport, Maritime, and Agricultural sectors.


Range of products

Discover our range of products, from the latest techniques to classic car parts.